What Ifs

What If? is a single-panel comic series created by Brian Brooks in 1997. Three volumes of collected have been published by Smokey’s Tangle. You can purchase What If books on Amazon at this link here.
What If? Vol 1 – 3 paperback books, 126 pages, 5×8 inches. Available on Amazon $9.95 each
The first collection of What If? was published in 2012 and collected the comics from 1997-2003 which were first published as small photo-copied zines. What If? volume 2 was published in 2014 followed by Volume 3 in 2015.
Purchase What If? on Amazon: What If? Volume 1 on Amazon (2012), What If? Volume 2 on Amazon (2014), and What If? Volume 3 on Amazon (2015)